Welcome to the official photographs from the NTS/CTS Finals on 27th July 2013.

All of the team photos are available for FREE download for personal use! Just select "RF personal use" (RF means Royalty Free). Please do not distribute these images.

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London Galaxy II vs. Custard Jagers

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You can also directly order prints with commercial labs, or as another option, I have a high quality printer that uses pigment ink - I can print up to A2 size, and the quality will be far better than any commercial lab. Let me know if you or any of the clubs want this (obviously there will be an extra charge). I can also edit unwanted elements out (e.g. refs in the background etc.) for a special print, there would be an extra charge for this service.

Hope you enjoy the photographs, and I am happy to have any feedback or comments.

All images remain © 2013 Paul D Smith