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Thousands gather in Bristol to celebrate Bristol Pride festival. Men, women and children from all backgrounds participate to show their respect and tolerance. The parade was led by the Lord Major and the elected major, George Ferguson
Man dressed as "Sister Ann"The Lord Mayor and elected Mayor of Bristol prepare for the paraYoung lad with rainbow braces walking in the paradeFather and young daughter take part in the paradeColourful girl blowing bubblesGirl in a bikini celebratingYoung girl with face paint checks her phoneMan wearing "It takes balls to be a fairy" t-shirtMan with a chain round his neck and PVC suit smiles for the cameCute little dog with a rainbow flagGirl with rainbow colours on her cheeks walks in the paradeGirl with rainbow hearts walking in the paradeA police woman with rainbow lapels turns for the cameraBristol's two majors lead carrying a massive rainbow flagGeorge Ferguson, the elected major, leads the paradeMan wearing pink t-shirt with "Keep Calm and check his balls"Multi-coloured people in the processionMan waving rainbow flags in the processionGirl waving rainbow flags in the processionMan dressed up in a corset and purple beard with large rainbow f