Paul Smith was born in Kent in 1968 and developed a keen eye for photography at a young age. Exploring the art of photography by capturing the essence of the beautiful countryside in the South East of England, Paul began to develop his own photographs using his school dark room. After graduating from University he travelled through Europe in a 12 year old Vauxhall Cavalier presenting an ideal opportunity to further develop his favourite hobby.

Paul made his first long-haul trip to Kenya in 1994 upon which he encountered stunning environments rich in wildlife, fuelling his photographic passion even further.

Since catching the travel-bug, Paul has visited 52 countries making each its own photographic project. With an insatiable desire to see new lands and experience diverse cultures, Paul’s adventures are far from over.

Here he presents a selection of his favourite images, a comprehensive record of his many adventures, sharing iconic images of our diverse and interesting planet.

Time is precious. Use it wisely!